Before we get angry with the last update

(Diego Nobody) #1

You have a problem with the new update?

well i used to have a lots of issues with it.
But most of then get solve just by the simple method of uninstall and install again.

if this don’t solve your biggest problems you have all the right to complain.

(Vladimir Pendić) #2

They always suggest it but it never helps. Same story from September. Every new update, new problems.

(Vladimir Pendić) #3

If nothing else, download (for offline) this time is working

(Julian Vasseurac) #4

For me two problems have arisen for two courses I made and use actively practically every day (one for Nepali, one for Czech).
Only the courses on the website are up to date but on the app the progress isn’t visible.
I have learned 3395 items for Nepali but the app says 3349 and the same part of the course (“Family”) needs to be learned again on the app. Same problem for Czech (3960 items learned and course completed on the website vs 3827 items learned for the app version). This is very frustrating considering I recently upgraded to the Pro version and I feel that this is just wasted money now.

I uninstalled and reinstalled the app but it won’t fix the issue… :frowning:

(Diego Nobody) #5

Yes it only solve the problem temporally. let’s make a riot them.