Beautiful Music! Israeli HQ YouTube Music video clips Playlist is now at over 1000 entries

This is a culmination of about 2 months of work, with about 150 hours of active listening time have been put into it, which resulted in 1048 HQ video entries (mostly video), after combing extensively in many varied places.

All styles of music, from all periods, in over a dozen languages. Fantastic introduction and overview to the Israeli music scene and culture and its diversity. Just press the shuffle button and see what you can fish out.

The playlist is meant to give a broad spectrum overview to a foreign viewer, so they can explore further from there on their own, rather than to just reflect my own personal music taste. It was meant to reflect the society at large.

I still need to do some quality control and sift out some weeds, but, oh well, it’s pretty good for now. It still needs some work though. it’s a huge playlist so that would take some time. I don’t think I will grow it further than that though.



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