Basiswortschatz Niederländisch


Dies ist (oder wird hoffentlich) der Thread zum Kurs Basiswortschatz Niederländisch.

@MemriseSupport, @MemriseMatty, @kevin5284: the course creator Horla_Silberstraehne doesn’t seem to have a forum account. Could you please send him an email and point him to this thread so we can discuss problems/errors in the course? Thank you!

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There is a subforum for Dutch, shouldn’t this course forum go there?

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Oh, there is? I’m sorry, I missed that. I’m lacking the permission to move threads but I believe you can. Feel free to move the post!

How do I move posts???

@alanh: do you have the necessary security clearance to do that??? And could you tell me how to do it if you do?

Hi @amanda-norrsken,

I’ve moved it to the Dutch forum for you.

You should see a ‘pencil’ icon next to the topic title. If you click on that, you should see a drop-down menu that you can pick from. When you have selected the new topic, just click on the “tick” button to save the change.

Hope this helps.


Ah, right, I didn’t know that option appeared. I do have the pencil icon next to the thread title, but I didn’t know I could do more than give a thread a new name. Thanks for letting me know so promptly, I will give it a whirl when I next see a thread in a silly place!

That could become a full-time job! :rofl:

Gee, I just noticed that yours truly can do that as well. LOL. Cheers, @amanda-norrsken and @alanh!

As for this thread, I’ll just wait for @MemriseSupport, @MemriseMatty, @kevin5284 to reply (see the top posting, please!). Once contact to the course creator has been established, I’ll create a new thread and rename this one.

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FWIW, here’s the Discourse FAQs. More interesting for you, @amanda-norrsken: the Discourse Moderation Guide.
I must say, I’m really quite impressed with this forum software - I’ve used at least 2 dozen different forum applications over the years, but while Discourse was/felt a bit odd when starting out, it definitely is the best one I’ve ever come across. Probably the most expensive one too. :slight_smile:

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@MemriseSupport, @MemriseMatty, @kevin5284: could you please establish contact to the authors of these courses:

Both courses contain quite a few errors that I’d like to discuss with them. Both users seem to not have a forum account.

Hi - Unfortunately at this time we are not providing out reach or contact services between course creators and users who want to discuss a course. If the course creator is on the forum, feel free to reach out to them.

I understand Kevin is looking at making a proposal for how users can request being added as a contributor to a course, or an abandoned course. I will follow up with Kevin and see where we are on that.



Thanks @MemriseMatty . I do think there should be some means of contacting course authors without having to rely on your help. Here’s my ideas (one for you, @kevin5284?) :

  • provide a simple contact form that results in an email sent to the author
  • automatically create a forum thread for each course with a link in the course’s description (that would be useful for both Memrise and Decks courses!); a forum account should be mandatory for course authors of course
  • provide an official email address at Memrise that inquires may be sent to

Whatever is in the making, there definitely needs to be a way of contacting authors. Presently there’s only you guys or, if you’re lucky, the forum - provided the course author has an account.

Oh and BTW: did you know that you can use SSO (Single Sign On) with Discourse (i. e. the forum software that you’re using)? This way you can allow your customers to use the forum without having them to create a separate login. In fact, users can then use the forum as long as they’re logged in on Memrise/Decks.
If this is interesting to you guys, read more on SSO and Discourse here.

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After having been made a contributor and due to the nature and deviating content in this thread I have now created a new/fresh thread: