Basics of Biblical Hebrew Vocabulary, 2nd Edition

Please notify me of any mistakes. Thanks!

hi - any plans to update the course to match the 3rd edition of the textbook?

Sorry, I haven’t touch Memrise for a while. I don’t have any plans to update it to the 3rd edition because there’s already a few of them on Memrise. When I update the database, somehow the old words would still show up.

Hi there, I believe there is an error in chapter 8 and its reverse. The word for also/even is listed as אפ, but it should be גּמ. Thanks!

Got it! Thanks!

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no problem. Thanks for putting together the course!

Hi I am now at chapter 15, and I realized the אפ here is listed as גּמ instead. Turned out the two words that have the same meaning got swapped between ch8 and ch15.

I’ve seen others created the 3rd edition so I don’t plan to update it.