Basic Modern Hebrew Vocabulary - WTF

Can someone please delete the course, what the hell is that supposed to be it is the Hebrew words and how they are pronounced, no translation, no nothing!!!

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It’s unfortunate that there’s no good way to check up on a course’s “reputation” or get reviews from other people who have tried it, so sometimes you find a course that’s either totally not what you want, or just plain bad - but such courses will of course always be around in a crowdsourced system like this. Some of them may be personal courses that someone made for a group of their friends, for example, and it serves a purpose for them. So, nobody should delete anyone else’s course, but it would be helpful if you had a way to avoid bad courses or ones that aren’t appropriate for you more easily. Regardless, once you’ve found such a course, just quit it and don’t use it.

It’s not clear which specific course you’re talking about, because you didn’t give a link to it. If you want to link to it, that could help warn other people away from it :slight_smile:

BTW, I’ve made a beginners’ Hebrew course that I think is pretty good, in case that’s what you’re looking for:

However, be warned that this course is somewhat broken right now due to the memrise commas bug of the past week and a half,

Lots of other courses are currently broken by this bug as well. So you might want to wait until they fix it before starting any typing courses. (the commas bug shouldn’t be a problem for multiple-choice-only courses)