Bar at bottom of app urging me to update to my time zone

This may be a design problem rather than a bug. I am using version 2.94_12959_beta on a Kindle fire. The time zone that I prefer to use for my practice on memrise is different than the time zone I live in. That works for me, but the memrise app seems to have a problem with that. Because of that there is a green bar at the bottom of each main course page which has the following message: “Your current time zone doesn’t match the one on your Memrise profile UPDATE”. This is problematic for two reasons. One is that all of part of that bar seems to be a button that will update your time zone for you. I am assuming that that is how my time zone has gotten updated without my intentionally doing it when I accidentally hit the active portion of that bar. It is really annoying when that happens. The second is that that bar covers up the home, profile and plan icons. I realized that that was problematic when reading about how to set the app to operate in dark mode, which I would like to do. The problem is that to get to the settings to turn on dark mode you have to click on the profile icon, but the problem is that I almost never see the profile icon since it is covered up by the update your time zone banner. Very rarely the update your time zone banner wont be there very briefly, but rather than trying to find the settings for the app that I might be interested in changing, I am more likely to worry that I might have accidentally changed my time zone. While it may be helpful to advise people that their profile is set to a different time zone than they are currently in, with an easy way to update it, if that is what they want to do, there are better ways to do it than the way you are doing it right now. If you want to do it using the banner at the bottom of the page, include two options to make the banner go away, UPDATE and IGNORE or DO NOT UPDATE or some other way to close the banner without updating your time zone. Something that might work even better is a big pop-up window that opens when you start the app that points out that you profile time zone is different than your current time zone and gives you the option of updating your time zone or just closing the window. It would be even better if you could tell it not remind you again, but that might be asking too much. Maybe there is something I’m missing. Maybe someone can tell me how to close the banner without updating my time zone. That would be really great because then I wouldn’t have to wait for somebody to fix it.

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