AWS Outage - Adding Image Not Possible (InvalidIdentityToken)

I have one long custom created image course , adding new words regularly. Sometimes, I want to add second or third image to an existing word. That worked always well. Just today, it stopped working. After I attempted to add an image to an existing word-image couple, it throws this error: “An error occurred (InvalidIdentityToken) when calling the AssumeRoleWithWebIdentity operation: Couldn’t retrieve verification key from your identity provider, please reference AssumeRoleWithWebIdentity documentation for requirements”.

Using a standard office PC (HP Compaq) and tried latest Edge and latest Chrome, both throw the error.

Sorry to hear about the problems you’re having, but this is likely related to the issues Amazon Web Services are having and should resolve itself when it’s back online


Hi there, is this still occurring?


No, everything is fine for me now.