Autolearn script de-activated

I’ve been using the autolearn script for some time and it seems not to be working anymore, probably because of the new interface. I didn’t do anything, nothing seemed to happen.

does someone have some idea to fix that ?

thank you very much !

Yes, in fact, all user scripts are useless now unless their creators update them to work with the new website (sigh). I also have the slight feeling that scripts might have to undergo a complete re-write … :woozy_face:

Hey, @cooljingle, any chance you could check as to whether your memrise-auto-learn script could be converted accordingly? Haven’t seen you over the last 5 months here, hope you’re still active …? :slight_smile:

oh god, that’s terrible news. the new interface looks even gamier than before, not a good point in my opinion and I have horrible memories with passing so much time on learning new words (and no actually learning but just spending time on crap), clicking and clicking again, and pasting words, and clicking… this script was genius !

anyway, thanks for the info and we all hope the script will go through some updating process so we can use it again !


There’s this new feature where you can ignore the words you already know, and when you unignore them they will be marked as fully learned.

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