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I’m currently on the Japanese path, but i don’t like how it automatically makes me correct by typing in the correct word. I need to be the one to submit and not having it auto submit when i typed in the right combination. For example it wants me to type in the translation for Japanese Bar and so it gives me all these Kanji. There are times I find myself trying a couple combinations and then when I type in 居酒屋 it will automatically submit as correct and I move on. What I’d rather have is me typing it in myself and think about if it’s correct or not. Then I make the submission myself only to find that either i was right or wrong. I believe that would solidify a little bit more weight into long-term memory. This is why when there is a question mark, I skip topping in the question mark because it allows me to type in the answer, manually submit, and still get it correct. If there’s a way to give users the ability to toggle auto-advance in the settings with the default being on, then I’d be one of the users that would toggle it off because it matches my preference.

I also would also love to be part of your guys’ team as I’m an interaction designer here in Seattle WA. I’d love to do anything to help. I’ve been interested in learning foreign language and I won’t stop until I finally am able to speak fluently. Let me know where I can submit my resume if interested.

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Hi @ninyoaganon :slight_smile:

A while back, I wrote a userscript that disables auto-submission of correct answers. It’s available at [Userscript] Disable correct answer auto-submit, if you’d like to check it out. It’s not an official script, but it works :slight_smile:

I’m actually only using this on my phone so I’m not sure if that would work but sounds like a clever idea