aUI root words

Hello ebrulato!
Thanks so much for your interest in aUI! I
I see you’ve put quite a bit of effort into creating a Memrise course for aUI!
As one of Dr. Weilgart’s daughters, I have spent much of my life studying and thinking about aUI.
So I would love to assist you in any way to make the course as accurate as possible. There are several basic combinations that are not standard as my father had defined them, which will cause confusion (as I’ve noticed on aUI reddit forum, e.g. with fu (I) vs. vu (he); also there are combinations which cannot be easily pronounced.) There is room for creativity once the basic vocabulary and grammar is learned, but I have only dared make a few adjustments after being very familiar with most of the vocabulary.
Please let me know when you have questions or have variations for word formulations in mind. Do you use the aUI Webonary site to look up words?
I have spent years working on it and there are now over 10K words!
I am here to help! When I have more time I will go through the aUI decks (is that the right term?) and be able to give you more exact feedback.
Thank you for all your effort!
Andrea Weilgart Patten

I searched for ‘aUI root words’, and found this:

Is this the course?

PS: I strongly suggest not to include personal info on this forum (or any public forum for that matter); if you want to share your email and things, suggest people to send you a PM and you can reply in private.

Yes, and thanks so much, I had a hunch…

I see.
I noticed that @ebrulato is not on this forum (the user’s name doesn’t turn grey when prefixed with the @ sign; that’s how this forum works). So I am afraid I won’t respond…
I see you are really positive about the course and about helping. If you want to help, there is this thread:
It’s for courses where the course creator is not updating the course anymore and/or where you can ask to get into contact with the creator and/or be made contributor.

Wonderful, thank you so much!

Not sure what link you put in there, but I get an error message telling me that I have no access to the topic.
I suppose you meant this thread: