aUI root words created by ebrulato; also aUI morphemes by johnastsang

Could you please make me a Contributor (and preferably let me take over the course creation if ebrulato has abandoned it)? John Baite has messaged me yesterday, saying, “…I noticed that @ebrulato is not on this forum (the user’s name doesn’t turn grey when prefixed with the @ sign; that’s how this forum works). So I am afraid I [sic - I think he meant ‘he’] won’t respond…” after I tried reaching out to him/her.

The aUI morphemes constitute the ‘sememes’ or basic elements of meaning for the philosophical language aUI, The Language of Space, which my father, Dr. W. John Weilgart, created and our family worked on for decades. There are links to my website (still under construction & repair), aUI Webonary (with over 10K words), and description on Wikipedia (which I can’t put in here as first user).
Obviously I’d like the aUI to be taught as accurately as possible and I’m afraid there are quite a few corrections and clarifications I’d need to make to especially the ‘root words’ course. Ideally these two courses should both be combined into one.
I will recheck and comply with any other requirements (though it may take me a while to learn how to use Memrise/Decks to further design the course!)
Andrea Weilgart Patten