aUI morphemes

Hello johnastsang!
Thanks so much for your interest in and effort with aUI, the language my father created!
I see there is another course, aUI root words by ebrulato, for which I’ve asked to be a Contributor - and continue it if it has been abandoned. Ideally the morphemes and root words should be presented together in the same course. Would you be interested in allowing me to combine them or help you with that? I’d need help with the technical side of it (and unfortunately don’t have much extra time right now, collaborating with a ghost writer on a book based on aUI). No doubt you have seen the only authentic links to aUI on the internet (my website - which is being repaired and still needs much work, the aUI webonary - which now has over 10K words, and the Wikipedia page). So I am very dedicated to have aUI presented accurately. If you have questions please let me know.
Andrea Weilgart Patten