Audio/TTS/ tampermonkey solution/ provider for the Android App?

Hi Guys,

Is there a way to get TTS working for the APP?

I know Tampermonkey and the Memrise audio plug/ server. But for the App itself i dont know how.

Is it possible?



How shall this work with the mobile app if the developer team does not integrate the code into it?

How do you want to overwrite/inject any code dynamically by patching the Android/Java application without being given a hook?

But I am curious:
Have you tested the desktop web solution (Memrise Audio Provider) on a mobile browser like Chrome/Firefox with any of the available scripting addons/extensions (Tampermonkey, Greasemonkey, Violentmonkey,…) on the smartphone or Android emulator?

Is the Memrise mobile app so much better for you?
I have just been using an older Android app version to learn new words and make use of the “half-planting” method.

Never used it for classic reviews due words, over-watering, overdueness, typing (deactivated multiple-choice).

And since the web changes for speed reviews it is OK to do these on the web and you do not “need” the mobile “speed review” that much.

Hey, this was offcourse the 1st thing i tried but after i login it auto-reditects me to the app. If there is no solution i will deinstall the app. I was hoping for some solution but okee

This is what I would try:

  • Google Chrome or Mozilla Firefox browsers (or Microsoft Edge (newer Chromium based V79 version) instead of the internal Android browser

  • browser option (usually in the top right corner) “request desktop site” before you open the URL

  • check the app settings in the Android system (where all installed apps are listed) and check if you have given the permanent option to open a specific URL every time with the mobile app
    (sometimes Android asks with what program you want to open and to save this permanently)

What you describe sounds a bit familiar to me because Duolingo users are reporting occassionally on the forum that they run into the same issue on Safari or their smartphone whenever the app version is installed.

It may depend on the developer of a mobile website view how the code has implemented it and it it support accessing the mobile website or if it redirects to the mobile app (or if the Android system checks this with that application to open a URL).

Thanks a lot. Got it to work.



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