Audio tests *giving* user the answers!

(Mobiledisco) #1

(iOS 12.1.3)

So following the as-yet-unfixed ‘LearnableError’ bug (affects all the courses I am studying – notifications and even ability to do the courses comes and gos), and an inability to download all the kanji courses courses I’m studying (after I stupidly took Memrise’s advice to re-install), now some courses are literally giving the answers to the audio tests!

Tap on one possible audio answer to hear it and if it’s the correct answer the colour of that speaker icon doesn’t change. But if it’s wrong, it goes red. i.e. it tells you which one is the answer before you make your final choice. Sort of defeats the point of a test…

Memrise’s response to the download bug was basically ‘well it’s not one of our courses so ¯_(ツ)_/¯’ and I’ve had no reply re. the ‘LearnableError’ glitch, so I’m not optimistic this one will be fixed either. But if any of you users have come across a fix, please let me know.