Audio stopped working today

Audio in all parts of memrise stopped working today. I suspect it might have something to do with Chrome updating but audio still works everywhere besides Memrise.

Does anyone else have this problem?

@t-hero ~ what do you mean by “all parts of memrise” ? Do you mean the Memrise-created courses, or any course (whether they are Memrise-created or Community-created)?

It seems to be working alright for me at the moment. Does the course still have the speaker icon on the learning page, showing that there’s audio? I would suggest testing it with another browser, if possible.

I’ve tried multiple different courses and tried in preview, review and also course editing and no audio will play. If I open the audio file link in a new tab it plays fine.

All the courses I use are community created.

My Chrome upgraded from v58 to v59 today. Are you on v59 yet?

@t-hero ~ I am using Chrome Version 59.0.3071.86 (Official Build) (64-bit) and I have not encountered any audio issues on any of the courses I created. I tried several of them.

I also have not encountered any audio issues using the latest Chrome app on my iPad for the iOS version of Memrise (both of which were updated yesterday).

I also do not encounter any audio issues in my Memrise courses using Firefox Version 53.0.3 (32-bit) on my Windows 7 laptop.

I don’t use any Memrise-created courses so I can’t comment on anything about any of them.

@pdao Thanks. So it’s either something wrong with my machine or maybe specific to Chrome on Linux (unless of course you use Linux).

Audio in Firefox works fine for me.

Sorry, I do not use Linux. I’m old school.

I hope you can get this this issue sorted out, or maybe it might go away with time (perhaps a Linux patch or upgrade, who knows). Or maybe a more knowledgable Community member can chime in with some advice on what to try. There are so many in this forum.

I wish you well. Good luck with your learning !

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Audio in Chrome for Linux works fine for me. Have you checked you have not muted audio for Memrise (if there are speaker icons and still no audio, maybe it is just muted …


Turned out the Chrome update somehow broke an extension that in turn broke Memrise. All is good now!


@t-hero ~ that is great news. Enjoy your audio-enriched learning !

Does someone want to put a solution button on this thread ? Using response #9 as the solution. (In case such an instance ever occurs again in the future, we would then have a potential thread to refer to). Thanks.

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My audio does not work on some questions, like the conditional of “colpire” in my italian course. Any idea what I can do? I am desperate and cannot complete the course without audio working all the time. Thanks!

@MemriseSupport, similar problem reported here.

Audio still not working in an italian course

Hi @robertrendo20, can you please link the course in question?

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I hope it get’s fixed, I have encountered some audio problems before, for a day. How long has this been happening @robertrendo20

because of outdated or missing drivers