Audio Still not uploading

I am unable to upload audio files to Memrise/Decks. I have tried to upload an audio created with the quicktime movie maker which creates AAC files, 48000 Hz, with extension m4a. I am also unable to Record an audio file. When I hit the Record button there is no response and seems to be greyed out.

This is options available to me.
This is the dialog I see after attempting to upload the AAC file mentioned earlier.

Hi @JulianKaruk :slight_smile:

This problem has been cataloged by Memrise to be fixed. View the MemriseMatty (Memrise Team) Topic:

Courses can still be accessed at both Memrise and Decks. So while the problem is not fixed, you can continue to record the audio in Memrise.

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I M in the same boat, any help would be appreciated