Audio Recording Fix

Hey folks! We released an update yesterday that (mostly) fixes the audio recording when editing/creating a course. For those who weren’t aware, our previous audio recording functionality was handled by Flash, which has been being deprecated by browsers over the past year or two. This meant we had to recreate the audio recording feature from scratch and in a new way, so sorry for the delay, as it’s not been at the top of our priority lists!

It mostly has the same features, with the notable exclusion of two:

  • It doesn’t show the waveform when you record. This was because of the limitations of what we used to build it this time.
  • It doesn’t let you upload your recorded sound in the background while you record the next, which it did before. Again, this is because of limitations in the tech stack we used to implement this.

Finally, browser support… We’ve tested in most browsers, and the only ones it doesn’t work in are Edge Legacy and IE, so as long as you have the most recent version of Edge, it should work. Again, this is down to the fact that a lot of the existing tech on the web that supports old browsers is being deprecated, and finding workarounds for a tiny percentage of users stuck on old tech is really costly and time consuming. I hope it doesn’t affect too many of you!

Let us know if there are any other issues in the comments!


So far this works great here (Win10 / Firefox 75.0 x64), cheers!


Thank you for fixing this! I’m so glad this is back, the audio option is one of the main reasons I use Memrise

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Hi. I haven’t been able to record anything since few weeks and I’ve just understand that’s because you’ve changed few things.
I’m with Firefox, on a old mac : 10.6
Maybe that’s the reason ?
Each time I try :
Error: Memrise API audio upload gave error 403
Thanks for your help !