Audio recording buggy

I haven’t seen any recent posts on this so I will post it, I am having real problems with recording audio for my Italian course. The playback function that allows you to check your recording before you continue is not working at all and most of the time it records only a tiny part if not on most occasions nothing at all of what I am trying to record. is this just me or are others having problems? I just went pro and now this is happening, I am not impressed to be honest. One more thing is there any news on if we will ever be able to edit courses and audio in the app? that would be a big help.

Edit: The only way it works is if I record one audio, close it, save then record the next one. This is way too time consuming and I am unable to add audio until this is fixed.

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This bug is not new but I don’t think anybody works on it.

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Hi @kthorneycroft

What browser are you using when editing your courses?

@BeaTrisy, we discussed audio recording before. Check this topic:
The problem is not in the browser, it’s not in Flash … there is no problem at all but the recording doesn’t work.

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Well that statement seems pretty silly, so they don’t plan on fixing it any time soon by the sounds of it?

Despite downloading flash and updating it still comes up saying I need flash on Firefox and chrome. I have been using internet explorer as it’s the only one that comes close to working at all. Like I said in the first post (the edited text) the only way it works is far too long winded to be viable when trying to add multiple audios. I really want audio on my courses and this is very disappointing. I won’t be continuing my pro membership as this seems like it has been going on a while and isn’t good enough.

No answer then? It’s just broken and that’s it…awesome.

This has been going on for several years. Cancelled my membership donation because of it. Seems they don’t care!

Added a fix for this here: Audio Recording Fix