Audio problem

I’m Gerry 1of6 and have been using Portuguese (Brazil) 7 and have truly enjoyed it. I learn on it everyday and its always worked well, but yesterday April 31, 2018 and today, May 1, 2018, the audio would rarely work and its frustrating. Also, when I submit the correct answer, it would normally move to the next question, but now, besides no audio, you must press “enter” every time to forward it to the next question. The biggest problem is the “no audio.” Yes, my audio for everything else on the net. If it not fixed, I think I’ll give it up. I hope not though, because I really enjoy the Memrise Portuguese (Brazil) 7 sessions

Is it only with this course, or any course?

BTW: if it is specific to this course, any issues you can post in this thread (Course Forum):
[Course Forum] Brazilian Portuguese 1 - 7 by Memrise.

The problem is fixed so thanks.

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