Audio problem: defaulting to low volume

(Viaggiatricefelice) #1

Hello there,
Other users have brought this low volume issue up, but I haven’t found any solutions on the threads so far. The audio is now so low in the App (android) that trying to do exercises is now just frustrating and pointless. The recordings are barely audible. When I turn it up to maximum volume, it just resets itself after each exercise. Listening with Locals - once so great - is now ruined. Memrise, we have subscriptions, could you tell us what’s going on here? Thank you.

(Olaf Rabbachin) #2

This must be a problem with your device. Have you verified whether or not this doesn’t also apply to other apps?

FWIW, I once had a similar problem. Turned out that the earbud which I had been carrying around in my pants’ pocket had accidentally turned itself on, so all sound output went right there. Due to my turning up the volume to its max on my tablet I was actually able to hear a faint audio output which made me think it came from my device. :joy:

(Viaggiatricefelice) #3

Thanks for your relpy, Olaf.
The audio on my device works fine in general and also on my Babbel app, but is really glitchy with Memrise and Duolingo these days.
I checked various audio formats using this page ( and it’s the Ogg Vorbis & WebM formats that won’t play properly on my device (Samsung A3 2017). The volume randomly goes up and down as the recording plays :frowning: This is exactly what I’m experiencing with the Memrise & Duolingo recordings.
Does anyone know what audio format they use?
Thanks for your help!

(Viaggiatricefelice) #4

Update: was using Firefox, but just tried Chrome. Duolingo audio works fine on Chrome - so it doesn’t seem to be my device - Memrise audio doesn’t though.
Very odd…

(Olaf Rabbachin) #5

From what I understand it is a problem with your device. I’m afraid I can’t offer any help there, sorry!

(Viaggiatricefelice) #6

It’s all good…I reinstalled Firefox and it started to work again! My bad.
Thanks for your input :slight_smile:

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