Audio on my course not working on phone app

Hello! I recently made a Mandinka language course, and I am just adding the audio now: Mandinka Language (Senegal/Gambia) - by thembira - Memrise

So far I have audio for levels 1-9. On the Memrise app on my Google Pixel 4a, only two of the levels have the audio (level 3 and 9). I have tried closing and opening the app and restarting the phone. Can anyone try it on their phone and see if the audio appears on any other levels (1-9) besides levels 3 and 9?

Thank you.

This does sound like the typical cache-issue.

Allegedly, it is now sufficient to pull down in the course list - please try that out first.

Only if that doesn’t help: try signing out in the app, then sign in again. This usually updates the app’s local database.
If that doesn’t help either, clear the cache/local data for Memrise (in your device’s app-settings) and try again.
FWIW, if you’re a pro-user (with a subscription), it usually also helps to download the course.

Ask again if nothing of the above helps.

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