Audio for listening test is not working on Chrome

Hello everyone, I’m currently having this problem with my created course. When I learn new words, I can hear some of the first words but then the audio is gone for the listening test as well as some of the new words after that. Before the audio worked just fine but recently not only me but other people who take this course have had the same problem with the audio. I cannot hear anything when clicking on the speaker icon. Does anyone have the same problem? Have you solved it?

This was talked about in a previous thread, if you go to see the latest posts. Apparently Chrome rolled out an update that broke this and it should be fixed by August 3rd, but this is also happening on other browsers such as Firefox and Safari. I’ve been having this problem on Firefox.


This happened to me about the same time you posted this. Two days ago it was working perfectly and yesterday it simply started having this bug. I solved it by turning beta learning off and now the sound is perfectly back to normal. I use Opera.


I’m using chrome and having exactly the same issues. I have found that refreshing the page helps but it does send you back to the start of your current session. Following the web-bug thread it appears all will be well on Aug 03 so I shall grit my teeth until then.

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I’m glad to hear they identified it. I just turned off beta until the fix rolls out.