Audio error in Dutch 6 - Heated Confrontations

As the audio says ‘Is dat mijn broek?’ and the written sentence is ‘Is dit mijn broek?’, I would suggest changing either one of the two.

Thank you for a great course and a ditto great site!

Hi @Monika_Soffronow94,

The @MemriseSupport is pretty useless when it comes to fixing mistakes. Many of us have listed issues on the official forum but Memrise staff do not actually make changes. The official course has lots of tiny mistakes. If you have time and patience, these are the instructions for officially reporting a mistake in the course:


Good morning @thebravelittlemuon,

Thank you for your reply. That is indeed what I suspected since there is such a lot of people who have taken these courses before me, and many of them are very knowledgeable. It would be strange if this had not already been pointed out. I’ll see if I can get a handle on “Submit a translation error” and do this the right way.

Wishing you a nice weekend!

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