Audio Bug

Hi @BeaTrisy,

When presented with listening tests during a review in this course today, there was only audio for the correct option. The two incorrect options were silent. All was ok yesterday. I know this is low priority for you and that you like us to switch to the replacement courses (which I’m also doing), but I also like to keep my old courses ‘current’. Thanks!

Hi @alanh

Can you recall what item was causing you troubles?

It would also be really helpful if you can post a screenshot of the console when this error occurs.
If you need any help with getting the screenshot let me know and I can look up some more detailed instructions.

Hi @BeaTrisy,

Today’s review session for that course had a dozen or so items. They were mostly ‘listening’ tests (maybe 8 or 9) and the bug I described happened each time. Today was the first time it’s happened. I’ve reviewed a lot of other courses today and the listening tests for those were ok as usual. If it happens again when I’m reviewing items in the A1 course, I’ll post a screenshot of the console, as requested.

Hi again @BeaTrisy,

I’ve just encountered a similar bug when reviewing in a different course

There were 19 items to review and most of them were the ‘3 option listening test’. In every case, only the correct option played the audio file and, once I had clicked on one or other of the two incorrect (silent) options, it wouldn’t let me click on either of them a second time.

Here is a selection of screenshots of the console:


Fixed, thank you Team! :star_struck: