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I’ve just created a course with audio on Memrise.
What’s the official way to have it on the app?
After clicking everywhere, I don’t how but I found a way to have it on the app, but there is no audio? Is it a bug or?
Thank you very much for your help :slight_smile:

Hi @QuentinAmstutz,

Your course should sync to the app automatically, although you may sometimes need to prompt things by logging out and back in again.

Have you set your “Audio preferences” in the app settings or is it the case that you can hear audio in other courses but not in the course you just created? If it’s just the case that your settings need turning on, that could be the same issue for your related Android app post.


Audio is activated and I have other courses with audio. I tried on both Android and iOS so I guess it’s a problem with the sync of the course. When I synced it the first time, it didn’t have audio and now that I added audio it doesn’t sync…


Can you post a link to your course so that I can try it?


Thanks for your help, here is the link
Only the first 5 words are supposed to have audio :slight_smile:

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Hi @QuentinAmstutz,

It’s working OK for me. I opened your course in the website first. The audio files are there for the first five words and I can hear them clearly. Here are screenshots of the first and fifth words showing the audio file icon:

The course also synced across to both my Android and iOS apps without any problems, and the audio worked OK on both.

So, there is nothing wrong with your course.

If you are hearing audio OK for other courses on your apps that would confirm you have your ‘learning and sound’ settings set correctly and I’m at a loss to know what the problem could be. You could try uninstalling both apps from your device(s) and re-installing them:

Let me know how that goes. Maybe, in the meantime, someone else will recognise the issue.

Good luck!

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I unstalled the app and installed it again and it worked. Thank you very much, it’s the first time we try to create a course so we didn’t really know how it works. Have a great week Alanh :slight_smile:

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Hi @QuentinAmstutz,

That’s great news, Quentin!

Good luck with your course. Hopefully, you have found the
course creation guidance notes in the FAQ area on the website.

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Recently I have problems with sound, sometimes it is there, and sometimes it is not. I tried to figure it out, find the reason for it, but I couldn’t find anything. I couldn’t find anything useful on the Internet either. I read your message in which you say that you were able to solve the problem and I found a couple of Uninstallers at, what is the best way to use it to reinstall successfully?

Not sure as to whether there’s that one golden way to go by, but I’d at least reboot the device after uninstalling and before reinstalling.