Aspekte B2 - Verben mit Präpositionen

In the course “Aspekte B2 Verben mit präpositionen”
created by @araskavakli, “ankommen auf (+Akk)” has been translated as
“to arrive in”.
I think it should be translated as “to depend on”.

The level you refer to is targeting prepositions with “auf”. In this case, it would be perfectly right to translate “ankommen auf” with “to arrive on” if you were talking about i. e. an island. Depending on what sentence you would construct I suppose there could be a way of translating “auf” with “in”, but I actually really doubt it.

[Edit: stupidity removed, relaunching]

That said, you’re perfectly right. If “ankommen” is not used in a context where you are actually moving from A to B but rather about eventualities (can’t even express this right I suppose) then you’re absolutely right and “to depend on” would be the perfect translation.

Sadly, the course author @araskavakli doesn’t seem to have an account here on the forum and neither is there any thread for the course so I suppose you can really only ignore the word or live with it!

@ Olaf.Rabbachin
I had written to They suggested that I post my opinion here.

@ Olaf.Rabbachin
In another course, “einen Beitrag leisten” is written as “einen Betrag leisten”. I think it is typing-error.
However, a new learner may not mark it and may learn the wrong thing. Like the earlier case, here I also could not contact the course creator.
In addition, there is no thread here on this course. In the earlier case, they ( suggested that I should create a thread if there is none relating the course in question.
Don’t you think it is a good idea to make learners aware that there is a mistake in what they are learning?

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@apu_aniket, you’re right, of course - while it doesn’t happen all too often, teaching faulty stuff is bad (I could tell a story here)! And yes, if you happen to come across an error, it’s good to help amending it, the sooner, the better!
That said, the sad story is: if there is no forum thread for the course in question and/or a course creator simply doesn’t have a forum account, there’s just no way to fix things easily.

Well, there is at least a small chance: if you are willing to take over the administration of a course that has been abandoned or where the course creator does not react to emails (sent out by Memrise staff - you obviously can’t do this on your own), you may apply to be made a contributor to the course (I am for a bunch of such courses). Check out the postings in the Abandoned Courses category. Then go ahead and create a new thread for the course that you think need fixes.

@Olaf.Rabbachin, vielen Dank für die Erwiderung.