ASL course gifs are essential and broken

(Generally Cobalt) #1

Animated gifs have been failing to load in the iOS app’s American Sign Language (ASL) courses for a long while now. They’ll load in review mode, but new lessons either load a frozen frame or nothing at all.

I’ve personally gone through the formal bug reporting process multiple times, and there’s been a thread in the ASL forum including discussion of it as well ([Course Forum] American Sign Language by Diana.S)

I know that I personally have uninstalled the app, restarted my phone, then done a fresh install multiple times. This was the main problem, then it switched to the source error thing so many of us were dealing with, and now we’re back to just having broken gifs. Thing is, this is sign language. We need those animations.

I’m on an iPhone 7 and running 12.1.2. The course works fine in a mobile browser; it’s the app that is broken. American Sign Language 1 and Intro to ASL are separate courses with separate gifs, so they shouldn’t be sharing a common broken source. It seems like something is wrong with how the app is handling gifs across the board.

Posting here to contact an actual person is a last resort. Memrise is the best app I’ve found for learning ASL, when it works.

(keyne) #2

I want to reiterate what @generallyCobalt said, and thank them for posting a nudge here … this is absolutely untenable in a sign language course, and in fact, has caused me to abandon ASL review on Memrise. It’s really a shame that an app which could be so useful for teaching signs is just allowed to lumber along with a giant bug like this one. :frowning: