Currently on level 3 of ASL course - all levels have a speed review available, but none of them work. Using Safari 13.0.3 on MacOS 10.15.1

Can you post a link to the course in question please?

I an confirm that something is amiss. I just went through the first 10 signs/words and, on the Web, can’t start a speed review. Interestingly enough: I can’t start a review session either.
All worked all well in the Android app, BTW!

@MemriseSupport: could you see into this Web issue, please?

Here’s a working link to the course:

Was it working before? Afaik Speed Review doesn’t support images on web, and never has, but I’ll get one of the devs to have a look at it.


I didn’t know that there was a restriction regarding SR and image-based courses on the web. But even then, I couldn’t start a regular review session either, so I guess something else must be wrong.