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Hi. I’m a user from Vietnammese. There is one thing I wanna ask Memrise app. I register for the Pro course 3 months ago. It was 3-month-course. Aftermaths, I don’t study that course cuz I dun have time to study. Anyways why Memrise automatically continue to withdraw my money from my account while I no longer use the pro course? I need an explanation and pay-back from Memrise. Thanks.

Hi there, I have been looking at subscriptions on the website and it appears you have misunderstood the options available.
When you subscribed it was not for a three month course it was actually an option to pay on what is known as a rolling contract where you pay every three months until you cancel the contract.
You are unlikely to get a refund on this but you can try anyway.
I would recommend you go to the contact us page on the website and tell them you wish to cancel, usually if you have paid they will allow you access up till the last day 3 months after they took payment.

I hope this is helpful to you, I personally just cancelled a six month subscription on another website but had not realized they had taken payment a few days earlier so still have access for a few more months yet.
Good luck with sorting your situation

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Thank you for your reply :heart_eyes::heart_eyes:

But i cancelled my subcription last night and it notified me that my pro account activated till this morning,it turned back to be a free account.I thought Memorise knew and give me a refund but I haven’t still received anything from them yet.

Hi there again,
I am sorry to see you are still having a problem with this problem I have found a link that will give you access to some help with it hopefully.
Help page :point_right:
Go to this page and click the red box that says contact us and hopefully when you have explained your trouble they will sort it out for you. We only progress well in this world when we help each other and I am glad if I can be of help to you here.

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I’ll tag @MemriseSupport and @MemriseMatty, I’m sure they can assist you with your subscription.