Armenian and Georgian

Perhaps there would be objections for putting these two dissimilar languages together but as the countries are neighbouring it might be a useful forum for the time being.
My particular reason for putting them together is that I am trying to learn something of both before I visit them in April. The scripts for a starter - both quite unique and essential for understanding if I am to catch the right buses.
Having a forum might prompt some interesting discussions if only to correct some of the spelling of English words and phrases - for example in the Armenia 2 course, there are mispellings of 'thirsty and ‘acquainted’.

Hello Gruffalo, I’m Georgian and would be happy to help you in any way I can, I know it can be tricky for non-Georgians… :slight_smile:

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Thanks for the offer. We have just got back from a week in Georgia which we enjoyed very much but very aware that we only skimmed the surface. Memrise helped me work a few things out but you really need to stay in any country for a long period to get properly conversant with the language. However, if just learning a little shows that you can show some respect to the people who live there, then that helps! Thanks again.

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I’m very glad you enjoyed your trip! Come back some time to dig deeper. :slight_smile:
I always try to learn at least basics of a language before traveling, too. It doesn’t take much to please someone, especially with languages as complicated as ours. English is a different story, though. :slight_smile: (edit: I didn’t mean to imply English is too easy, it’ has simply become too common for someone in the English speaking countries to be surprised or overly pleased to hear it)
Good luck! (წარმატებები!)

Anyone willing to practice georgian? I’m going to come to Georgia (I don’t have any friends or relatives there, just like the culture and language) for a tour to Tbilisi. I’d like to know if anyone is coming there this sumer (July approximately). Cheers!

I went to Georgia last year as well as 10 years ago. Great place but didn’t get very far with Georgian apart from learning to recognise where (some of) the buses go! Have a good trip. Try and get outside Tbilisi if you can, though that city is great to walk
around anyway.

Regards, Anthony