Are you happy that there’s no more badge system?

If you remember the old badge system with titles such as “membrain, membassador…” I would be very interested about your opinion on the old badge system. This is not referring to ziggy.

  • Yes, I never liked the old badge system
  • No, I miss the old badge system
  • Indifferent
  • I’ve never actually seen the badge system

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At first it gave me something to work towards. Now, I mostly just click past the “Session complete!” page without looking at the points that I gain. I think that, for most people, points and badges loose significance as one gets better at a language.

So, no, I don’t miss it, but I don’t dislike it either.

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I am indifferent to it - I do however find the huge number of points needed to reach a new level a bit discouraging. I am on level 16 but need 44 million or so to reach 17.


In terms of learning it’s not that important, though old badges definitely were more fun than current plain numbers and points system was more consistent. Points gaps between advanced levels are pretty much disastrous now.


It is not that important but the names were funny and the levels attainable. I still keep Meminence on my profile here.


Yes the 14 to 15 levels (very boring titles) is much further apart than the equivalent Membassador to Meminence.

I raised the suggestion (some time ago) that these higher levels out to be split into A & B, Lower & Upper or Junior & Senior if they weren’t able to offer us encouragement by closer targets.


Actually when they went over to the Space theme I’m surprised we didn’t get offered flight titles like Pilot, Captain, Admiral etc.

But I’m glad we still have a strong planting, flowering and watering theme which had been present with the Space and Ziggy Evolution of creatures themes - even though we have lost the lovely countryside graphics. (Anyone saved that picture?)