Are plans in the works for French 8 (and 9?)

I am curious to know whether plans are in the works to create French 8 (and maybe 9) because I want to keep learning French and have almost finished French 7. At present, there does not seem to be a French 8 available. Or do I need to be looking in a different way for courses after a certain point in the process of learning? Best, Lester

I’d recommend checking out the community-created courses on Decks here:

I haven’t used any French courses, but someone else may be able to recommend which of these are best. Hope this helps!

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I’d suggest that you start this course and build up your vocabulary:

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Oh, and if you want to learn some colloquial French I can recommend this course:

I’m contributing to this course so I’m biased of course, but I can tell you that this really gave me quite a push in the conversations I had so far with French natives. There’s a quite a bit of doubtful or maybe useless stuff, but better too much than too little and you can always ignore stuff. :wink: