Are jestersuave's Persian courses abandoned?

The title says it all really. They seem to be the best of the Persian courses available on Memrise, but they still have some problems that I’d love to report, but I don’t know how.

I have to say I’m incredibly disappointed with the forum system here. It seems incredibly awkward and segregated from the main site. I’m sure I don’t remember it being this bad before…

All is not lost! Do not worry!

First of all, I agree, the old forums were much easier to find as you could “report” a word directly from the course and go straight into the forum. Now you have to navigate your way here in a more roundabout way … :frowning:

But to answer your main question: it is entirely possible that the original course creator you mention, “jestersuave”, is no longer an active member of memrise, but in order to find out whether this is the case, two things are necessary.

First of all, could you post a link - or links, if there are several courses - to the courses you are interested in?

Secondly, if you wish to improve the quality of these courses, that would be fantastic! In order to find out if you can do that, @Lien needs to contact the original course creator to find out if you could be made a course contributor for this course. You would then be able to access the database(s) for the course(s) and make changes yourself.

Would you be interested in being able to do that?

Thank you very much for your reply, @amanda-norrsken ! My previous message was a bit of a desperate cry into the wilderness, to be honest. I really wasn’t sure if anyone would hear it.

Here are the courses I’m interested in:

In particular, I’ve just completed the “Jester’s Persian Farsi Verbs” course and have compiled a list of corrections/improvements for that and I would be interested in doing the same for the other courses too, if my efforts could yield results! I haven’t had much experience of creating/editing courses (I did start trying to make a course myself once, but didn’t get very far), but I’m definitely willing to learn.

Just let me know if there’s any other information needed from me. I’d really like to see some better quality Persian courses on Memrise!


So glad that my reply made you happy!

I was made a course contributor for a four-part Swedish course, covering over 8,000 words (!!!), by the original course creator and, back then, I didn’t have much of a clue about editing or creating courses, either! But it is really quite easy and there is quite a lot of information on the memrise website about how to do various things related to course creation.

I imagine that Lien will be back at work tomorrow and as she has been tagged, she will no doubt reply here pretty quickly.

Are you learning Persian or are you a native speaker of Persian?

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Hi @TanbalKhan and @amanda-norrsken ,

Thanks for the tag!

I have pinged Jestersuave an email to invite him/her to this thread.
Hopefully we’ll hear back from them soon (although he/she hasn’t been active on Memrise for quite a while so fingers crossed)

Please feel free to remind me in a week or so if you haven’t heard back from me or Jestersuave by then.

Best wishes,


They will yield immediate results as I do still maintain the courses. Like said above, though, I was not even aware of the new forum system so I just check in to see if anyone has posted an issue in the actual course (which gives me a notification counter) so I assumed all was well.

You can always contact me via e-mail at or on twitter @jestersuave.

Toss me any issues or suggestions and I’ll respond to them ASAP.

I’m also in the process of developing another Persian course, but it is taking me a lot of time as it includes about 20,000 terms… It will be broken up by subject.


This system sadly no longer exists :frowning:

But now you will receive notifications via the new forum, so all is well!

Great to hear that you are working on such a massive course, that is amazing!

Thanks for your help, Amanda and Lien. I’m glad we’ve been able to track down, jestersuave!

@jestersuave I guess the easiest thing is for me to send you an email. I’ll write up my corrections/suggestions for the course and send them to you in the next day or two. Thanks for putting these courses together, by the way. :slight_smile:

Why don’t you just post your suggestions here?

Or use the private messaging system?

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