Arabic Vocalisation (diacritics) completely messed up

On iOS, the diacritics are completely messed up. When only showing the word, they work just fine, but when typing, all the marks get stacked up on the last letter.
Also, the app isn’t correcting wrong diacritics. It is possible to type in wrong words with a different meaning an get points for it, because the app doesn’t respect wrong diacritics in the rating.

I have the same in Hindi on the Android App - in Hindi most vowels are also ‘added’ to the consonants with extra strokes.

The latest versions (since approx dec last year I guess), do exactly as you describe: do not recognize wrong spellings as far as these vowels are concerned.

I rolled back to a version around Agust last year (I had a back of that) and now it works fine!
It doesn’t look like coincidence, so I suppose that these two bugs are simply the result of a flaw the logic of Memrise’s correction algorithm.

Hello, is there any correction planned on this issue ?