Arabic font size in Memrise official Arabic course

It would be very helpful if the font size used for Arabic could be increased in the word lists that you see when reviewing what is in each lesson. When learning a word for the first time or in most cases when reviewing it in the Garden it isn’t bad, but if I go to the course description and click on a flower to see what’s contained in a list, I have to up my browser to 150% magnification to read those lists. Especially when first beginning to read the alphabet it can be very hard to make out the letters on a standard monitor at normal resolution.

It is not a question of my eyesight; I have no problem reading the English text or viewing detail at the normal magnification. the Arabic font chosen is just so compact that it needs a larger font size than its English counterpart to be easily read.

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Just to add - it would also be helpful if the font was not “bold” as that obscures the detail, especially when small. Thanks!

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Yes please increase font size for Arabic text and lettering because it’s hard when it’s small to read. Better to increase to size 14 or higher in order for me to read fully. I can read the qur’an because text font size is bigger than what’s on the memrise app… please add feature to increase its size. Thank you

I installed a browser addon called Wudooh. This Addon lets you increase specificaly the size of the arabic script. It lets you also change the arabic fonts. There is an Addon for firefox and Chrome.


Ooooh thank you, I’ll look for that!