AQA GCSE Spanish Vocabulary Foundation/Higher by Ethan1224

Please send details of any mistakes you see in the course or any corrections or recommendations.

Hi Ethan, did you mean to say “GCSE Spanish Vocabulary” ?

Hi there, I didn’t mean that no, but having just checked the list of vocabulary I made the course with and it being GCSE and not A-Level - you’re absolutely right! How very annoying! - I guess I’ll have to start again…

Hi, you could, if you wish, also change the name of your course by editing the actual course. I don’t think you need to start again.

You would need to click on ‘Edit Course’ at the home screen of your course, then click on ‘Details’.

Thanks Ian, yeah I’ve done that now. It’s just that I was trying to create a course for A-Level Spanish and seem to have got the wrong vocab!

By the way, there are several excellent, existing AQA A-level Spanish courses publicly available.

You could take a look at (on the web):

I’m not sure that it would be good use of your time to create another A-level course, but you may have plans to use a specific format etc.