Application Crashes all the Time

I have written a course for my son to learn his year 3 Spelling. All was working really really well.

But all of a sudden, it just crashes every time it tries to load up the words and start the course. This is the case both on his tablet and my phone, both Android.

I have uninstall and installed. I have cleared application cache. I have installed an older version. None have had any effect.

Any suggestions?

Are you using Memrise or Decks app? Because I’ve never seen a bug like this in Memrise app, but Decks are still in beta, so this could be a cause of your problem.

If you have Memrise app, a) try to delete/rewrite recent entries in your course, b) install even older version of the app, Memrise had two updates last week, if my memory does not fail me. Mere suggestions, not sure if they’ll help.

Also, you could try other courses and see if it works.

I’ve tried a couple of early versions but no difference. I think it’s related to my course, as other courses are fine. But no idea what it could be.

The last 2 levels on this course are causing the issues.

Your course loaded ok on my android phone and when I opened the last two levels they both displayed normally on both Memrise and Decks.

That’s not much help, I know.

If you have a backup of your entries, why don’t you delete these levels and see what would be? I don’t know, maybe it’s bad formatting that causes crashes.

Hi mcampster, could you please try again with the latest version from the Google Play Store?