Application badge

After today’s application update, the application badge both on iPad and iPhone stopped displaying the number of words to review

iOS 13.6
iPhone X
iPad Pro 11inch

Another bug, that appeared in a version a few days ago and is still present in the current version:
When trying to switch from one course to another (having completed all the words to review), doesn’t usually work the first time. I have to tap that new course, to which I want to switch to review words, a few times until it takes effect, otherwise it remains on the previous course. Even though it moves to the top of the list of courses, when I click on it, I can see the info of that old course. Only after trying multiple times it finally gets switched to the new course I want to start reviewing.

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I’m wondering if someone from Memrise team could let me know if they are working on the issues I raised.

The latest version of the app on the latest iOS version still have these bugs.

Maybe it’s not a big problem if someone is learning 2-3 courses, but if you have about 100 courses and a few items to review on half of them … it takes so much time just to switch from one course to another …

And the application badge still doesn’t show the number of items to review. Or sometimes it just shows “1” which is also completely incorrect.

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Hi @tomekpalka92,

Really sorry we missed this.

We are aware of the issue with course switching on iOS. Our developers are working on a fix, which we hope to have in the hands of our users soon. You can keep an eye out for updates here: Deck selection glitch: On selecting next deck to study previously studied deck keeps reappearing

Regarding the notification badge, this was a conscious change we made, rather than a bug. We received a lot of feedback from users who found the red icon with a high number daunting or anxiety-inducing. The badge would also display no higher than 50, even when users had over 50 items to learn. We therefore made the decision to display ‘1’ when users have items to review (no matter how many). If you have nothing to review, you won’t see a badge. We apologise for not communicating this more clearly when the change was made.

We hope this helps. If you experience any further issues, please don’t hesitate to reach out :slight_smile:

Kind regards,
Memrise team

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Thanks for replying. It’s good to know that the issue has been noticed and you’re already working on a fix.

Just to let you know, the notification badge isn’t working the way as you describe, at least on my iPad and iPhone.

At the moment I have 7 items to review but there is nothing on the application badge on either device.

2 hours ago I had 101 items to review and the iPhone didn’t show anything on the application badge but the iPad did display ‘1’. Then I reviewed all the words. When I had 0 items to review, the iPhone didn’t show anything on the application badge but the iPad still displayed ‘1’. After a few minutes new items to review appeared. It turned out that my iPad registered one “Difficult word”. Once I reviewed the difficult word or phrase, the application badge on the iPad disappeared.

This application badge feature is not very important, as there is another, less obvious way of getting the total number of words to review across all the courses.
But ideally you should have added an option in the settings that would be disabled by default. This way some users could choose to be able to easily see the number of words to review. I would even prefer the exact number than just “50”, when the number of words to review is greater than 50. (But this could also be another option in the settings)

But as I said, I hope you will resolve the issue with switching between the courses very soon.

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