App updated to rocketship and won't open

I may be out of internet fuel. (I’m not.)

Tried back after a few days, but it just won’t launch anymore.

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Same here. I have tried reinstalling but when the app launches it gets stuck and doesn’t load.

The rocket theme ceased to exist a very long time ago (at least that’s how I read your subject line).

Mind me, some users seem to still be using it (see this post for instance), but it’s outdated and not guaranteed to function properly.

Needless to say that Memrise won’t offer any support for those outdated versions.

It updated to that from app store on Android 10. By contrast, my old Oreo phone has the memrise logo.

Rocketship theme app is version 2.9_3720154_release.

It’s likely to do with third-party app stores, see here Whe app is updating itself into weirld looking beta version


Thank you. I must have installed from a 3rd party first. I reinstalled from Google for sure this time, and it’s working.