App not displaying entire sentences in english

(Garrisonmorton) #1

It’s supposed to say “there are many business trips” but it just says “there are many”
Several other sentences are like this.

I don’t think the website has this problem though.

(Garrisonmorton) #2

It does display the whole sentence when I rotate the ipad but that’s kind of annoying.

(Ismail Ghedamsif3) #3

Nobody from memrise helped you and they talking about making memrise better by transfering all the community courses to Decks

(Amanda Norrsken) #4


Can you look into this, please?

(Amanda Norrsken) #5

You wrote this FOUR DAYS after the original poster mentioned the problem LOL

(Kana) #6

Hi @garrisonmorton, @ismail.ghedamsif3, @amanda-norrsken

Thank you for flagging this. I’m sorry it took us this long to notice your message (Thank you @amanda-norrsken for tagging me!).
We will look into this asap!

(Amanda Norrsken) #7

This post may have been buried in the Decks forum, actually, so it’s no wonder that you didn’t see it earlier. I have been doing some “forum housekeeping” and moving posts referring to memrise courses from there to the proper forums.

But I have done this so often now, I couldn’t tell you whether this was also one of the moved ones :slight_smile: