App no longer loads content, shirks responsibility

(Scantics58) #1

Yes I have tried uninstalling and installing the latest version. I can tap the pro tab, to see static representations of the features that I ostensibly paid for. I can tap the You tab, and reach the settings button, but the contents of the You tab is stuck in an infinite loading animation, and it says “Woah, something went wrong. Might be the aliens again.” This communicates to me that the developers are unwilling to take ownership of their app’s failures. This is an inappropriate design choice.

On tapping the Home tab, the same problem of never loading content persists. I have tried with and without wifi, while on a full bars LTE connection. I now feel that my money has been stolen from me.

(Akshay Khanna98) #2

Hello forum admin I’m facing same problem please help me!!!