App is stuck on loading screen

The Memrise application seems to stay at the loading screen after opening it. I left it for minutes but it doesn’t continue to the main page of the app.

I have already looked around on this forum but couldn’t find a solution. I have already:

  • deleted the app
  • switch off my phone and turned it back on
  • reinstalled the app

This didn’t resolve the issue.

An important clue. This happened after I logged into my account via the web browser on my laptop, where I changed ‘connected through facebook’ to ‘login with your mail and password’. After this change, and a change of my profile picture, I haven’t been able to get into the app.

Anyone who can advise/help me with this issue?

Thanks a lot!


  • Samsung Galaxy A22 5G
  • Android version 13
  • Memrise app version 2023. 1. 30. 0

After one day the issue resolved itself. This thread may be deleted.