App ignores word selection

Since the last update many touches are getting ignored if you click on single words rather fast.
You have to wait up to one second to select the next word.
Sentences with more than five words take 10 years to complete.
That’s the next frustrating experinece after the ugly redesign.

I have the same problem - some words do not jump to sentence after first tap, I have to tap twice. Another annoying issue with the sentence constructor is autoscroll - it scrolls up to sentence every time you tap on a word, so if there’s a long sentence with many words and the words randomized so that first words in the sentence are at the very bottom, then it looks like this: scroll down, find needed word, tap, it scrolls up, scroll down, find word, and so on.
(iPhone SE)

Don’t have the scroll issue, however the ignored taps issue is definitely still active, would appreciate a fix on that :slight_smile:

This problem still persists.
When will they fix this mess?
I have to select words at least twice.
Either because the app doesn’t recognize my touch or it only recognizes it, but doesn’t count the word as selected. You have to wait up to 2 seconds to select a word after another.
This is really frustrating.
At least three of my friends hated this problem and went back to Duolingo or Anki.
They said the app is pretty much useless in this state.
And I agree.