[App Feedback] Orientation/scrolling problems and general bugbear with update

i’m sorry to ask a question here… but doesn’t the new interface works slow for you guys? I’m also using a android phone, Samsung Galaxy Note2

The new layout with the rocket thing when you log in and everything is arranged from top to bottom is nearly impossible to use, it is so laggy and feels awkward… I’m using a Galaxy Note2 with the latest update, can anyone else confirm that?

Same here.

Each time you enter a course the list of levels scrolls from bottom to top. It gets super annoying when a course has like 300 levels. Besides that when you finish a session, and then open list with courses it gets closed immediately. Probably because synching has finished. And when it does the list scrolls itself again.

You can’t see from list with courses how many difficult words your have or whether you finished today’s streak or not.

The app is difficult to use. Unlike before …


That’s a bug I guess, so moved to Android Bugs.

It is not really a bug, more a dislike on the the new rocket animation. The time it takes is similar to accessing a course before. Try to remember :wink: @Rodyzi

I will move it to an existing subject indicating troubles with this new lay-out.

It takes some getting used-to for sure. @111

From a course, you can not come back to the other courses, it will go back to your phone welcome menu. You need to press the 3 bars top left of your screen, next to the course name. @Rodyzi

Yes, the lack of information at a glance is a definite loss and it is more difficult - it is less fun to use - more labour intensive selecting course after course and drilling in to determine your current state. Alternately, one could have the web interface open in the background, but that defeats the purpose of the app really, doesn’t it.


I have summed up, tried to, the main points brought up at the top of this subject.
@111 @Rodyzi @donjeta-a

Please read @Andrea_Mo3 indications and other advice here for help.

No, actually that was not what I was complaining about. . But thanks for trying to explain.

I know how to access the course details by tapping the name of the course, and I know how to access the individual review of every individual course, and I know if I downloaded a course or not. But it doesn’t seem to be possible to review several courses in the same language at once. It is possible in the desktop site when you go to the language category. But I don’t find that option in the app. I would find it much easier and faster when there are just a few items to review in several courses.

Another problem is that the pull down menu in which the course titles are to be found is smaller than the list used to before and harder to tap. And the courses I’m learning are not sortable in any manageable fashion. I have a lot of courses that I’ve started and they are not in any logical order in the pull down menu. All the languages are in a hodgepodge.

There is no option for speed review anymore.

And the rocket interface adds a lot of very annoying, unnecessary and time consuming scrolling.

More scrolling = Bad.

Okay never mind, after I wrote the above I deleted the app and installed it again and I’m so happy to see that it looks more like the familiar old app, the tiny teeny pulldown menu is gone as well as the rocket interface for the levels list. Yay!

I still miss the speed review option and the sorting courses options, and the review several courses in one session option.

Now off to find out how to disable memrise automatic updates…?

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How do you mean there is no option for speed review?

I mean just what i said. There is no option for speed review. I can see where it says speed review but it is grayed out and not available. Maybe it’s a pro feature now? If so that sucks because it’s the only thing that works for reviewing one of my hindi courses.

The old version worked yesterday but now it’s back to the rocket interface.

It is 100% bad optimization on the new rocket interface and all these planet animation, I found out that while you are changing the “daily goal” points and if you try to scroll up and down, the background is smoooth, just like before.

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In the old UI my routine was to learn and strengthen individual skills: The table of levels had a nice “Learn” link on each level.

How the heck can I do that with the dumbed down version we have now?

This course has 96 levels. It is already too much stupidity to find a specific level: A single screen height shows exactly 2 (two!) levels. (The names of those two levels take about 1% of my 2560 x 1440 pixels - but hey its colorful)
When I first go to the course I have to endure 4 seconds of hectic automatic scrolling.
Then to find a specific level I have to manually scroll 48 screen heights (in the worst case). And you keep mocking me even more: After I have gone into the view of a specific level and back to the “overview” I AM GETTING SCROLLED UP AGAIN.

Still I have looked everywhere but have found no option to practice a SPECIFIC LEVEL.

I am paying for the PRO version, but if this does not get better again soon I will cancel. (This is just to state a fact. I am aware that a single paying customer more or less does not mean much to you.)


Click on the planet thing of the level you want and then the thing on lower left, and then you will be able to water/ overwater/ learn etc. specific level.

(I feel you on that android update.)

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Ok, thanks Rodyzi. You a right: In the new version the options accessible from the “four dots menu” apply to the selected level only. That’s at least a little relief.

Still I am really missing a better overview of all levels and that FORCED SCROLLING MAKES ME MAD, makes me hate the app and stops me from wanting to use it.

Going from one level to the next literally takes at least 20 seconds: 4 seconds for the app to auto scroll me to my topmost level and the rest for me to manually scroll down again and find the desired level.


I find it most interesting as only one of my phones has received the update for the new UI for the Memrise app.
The phone that received the update is sadly now broken; I’m rather gutted really as I would have loved to try out and test the new interface.

It won’t stop the annoyance, but you can tap the screen to stop the scrolling. (So you don’t have to wait 4 seconds.)

Thanks again. That helps somewhat. It’s not so much that I don’t have to wait for the scrolling to finish, but it’s nice that I don’t need to scroll so far back again.

You guys keep opening new threads about the scrolling of the new update.

I will move this one again to the on-going subject of troubles with new animations. @Rodyzi’s suggestions will profit to all.

I want to stress that part of the problem of the scrolling time is that the animation has a limit on its max scroll speed, so the duration of the animation is proportional to the length of the course. This can be resolved by:

  1. Removing the speed cap and making it so the scroll time is the same regardless of the course length.
  2. Having it jump part of the way up before doing the scrolling animation
  3. Or, obviously, getting rid of the scrolling animation entirely

The scrolling might seem like a minor complaint if you only look at short courses, but I made a video to emphasize how lengthy and prohibitive the animation is when you’re working with a course that has a large number of lessons:


Also, like someone mentioned already (and as you see in the video), it replays the animation from the bottom every time you return to the home screen from a lesson, propelling you to the “top” of the lesson list each time. Ideally, it should put you back to the lesson you just came from (without playing the animation).


I know it is usual after every release/big change in any application to get lots of people who don’t like it…but here is my gripe.

I’ve been using memrise for over a year now, and this update is another in a continual process of making the app ‘prettier’ to capture the attention of new users, but at the same time making the app less usable for ‘power users’.

There are plenty of language learning/memory/flash card apps out there. Memrise was originally great for the wide range of courses with lots of content. Now, learning a few courses, which have lots of levels (Hi HSK 5!) is much more painful (Hi Loss-of-auto-ignore!).

I think memrise would do better to target their apps for power users instead of trying to wow people with animations that grow old fast when you stare at the app for > 1 hour per day for a year…

But also, thanks Memrise! :wink: