App crashing on ios when i try to download courses for offline

(Garrisonmorton) #1

(ipad air 2)
I tried restaring the ipad, I tried updating the app. I even tried uninstalling and reinstalling the app. NOTHING WORKED. It still crashes when I try to download JLPT N2 Vocab. If you guys don’t fix this I might as well end my subscription and stick to using a phone as a hotspot instead of downloading the courses.

(Edit: actually, I’ll still keep the subscription for the hints)
(Edit 2: The other courses don’t seem to have this problem. Only JLPT N2 Vocab)
(Edit 3: JLPT N4 Vocab won’t download either but it doesn’t crash)

(Yazaysbergpro) #2

Got the same problem ( without crashing ).
download problem with all JLPT courses.

(Garrisonmorton) #3 This is the one that makes it crash when i try to download it. And this one doesn’t make it crash it just doesn’t download. This one won’t download either. No crashing.

(Natashiiya) #4

I’m having the same problem with N3 Kanji and vocabulary courses.

(Baite) #5

BeaTrisy responded with a fix to the thread App crashes on iPhone & iPad which reported a similar issue.

(Garrisonmorton) #6

Nope. still crashing when i try to download. and also for this one.

(Garrisonmorton) #7

It’s still the same

(Bea Trisy) #8

Hi @garrisonmorton it seems like you’re using a older version of Memrise. Can you update to version 2.3.37 and try again.

(Garrisonmorton) #9

Nope. I DID update to 2.3.38.

(Garrisonmorton) #10

What I mean is it’s still not fixed.

(Garrisonmorton) #11

Just so everyone knows, those three courses I mentioned on july 31st still wont download and the N2 one makes the app crash. The other two say check your network connection and try again. But I was able to download other courses.

Though thankfully the fourth one finally did.

(Tpemckiernan) #12

I get the same - I find the iOS experience of this app really disappointing. I am a paying user and I cannot download courses for offline, I cannot participate in speed reviews on iOS and I cannot listen to music properly when doing courses (even if I turn all course sounds off).
It’s not really good enough. I’m a software engineer myself and see no good reason the above issues have been going on so long, please please sort yourselves out.

(Garrisonmorton) #13

(ipad mini 4)
Still crashes when I try downloading. This time it crashes when I try downloading

This one doesn’t make it crash it just won’t download Same for this one. Doesn’t crash but won’t download.

It’s been 6 months. PLEASE FIX IT.

Don’t ask if I’m updated to the latest version. I already am.