App crashes on open after downloading course

I think I attempted to download the Irish for Duolingo course this morning:

I’ve been doing it for a little while and thought it would be handy to have it on my phone.
Now the app crashes on open - the Memrise splash/logo flashes up for a split second, but then I go straight back to the IOS apps home screen.
  • updated the app
  • restarted
  • deleted the app and reinstalled
  • deleted the app, restarted, then reinstalled
  • quit the course, deleted the app, restarted, then reinstalled
    So far, same whatever I try.
    Any ideas?
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I’ll tag @MemriseSupport and @JBorrego for you - hopefully they can assist.

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Oh, one idea: log onto your account and change your password.
Check as to whether you can start the app afterwards - you should have to log in again there, maybe that does the trick?

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Hi there, given the timing, this sounds like it’s related to the issue mentioned below:

Thanks for your patience.


Thanks Olaf and Support,
I’ll wait for a fix for the SDK issue and take another look then. If it keeps happening, I’ll try a password change.
Thanks again!