APP: Add endless or continuous review or flip card mode

Please add an endless review mode of a dictionary of all words, phrases, and grammar items learnt so far to the APP.
I don’t want to use Review to “strengthen fading memories” a bazillion times in the hopes to cover and review everything I should have learnt by my current progress so far, especially since the setting “Words per reviewing session” doesn’t seem to work. I can set it to 50 and I still get only five or six.


it actually works the way it’s expected to work - review and speed review both will cover the words up for review. If none are in your queue, the setting will be in effect.

As for reviewing items across all courses: you can review across courses for a single language (web only). To do so, set the filter to a language and you’ll see a review button to the left of the filter box:


It’s not clear from the APP that this is the expected function.

Thank you for highlighting that this function is web-only. I was not aware of that because I have only been using the android application so far.

Also, would you care to not rapid-fire close that other suggestion, please? It was explicitly suggesting a dictionary, not an endless mode like this suggestion is about, even though the current workaround for both suggestions is similar.


I’m only a fellow user and not associated with Memrise in any way, so I’m not in a position to deny or confirm anything, I’m just trying to help. :slight_smile:

However, I can tag @MemriseSupport and @ale_c for you, they might be willing to comment on this.

Thank you, much appreciated!

Hi @clasp75, are you looking to simply have a place which lists all the words you have learnt, or the function to review them too? Would you want them to be separated by language? Looking forward to hearing from you :slightly_smiling_face:


Hello, thank you for checking.

This suggestion is about an endless variant of the existing Classic Review or Speed Review function which currently terminate after a certain, auto-calculated number. As a user, I want to get quizzed continuously on knowledge I should be having by my respective current progress so that I do not have to go back into the menu and start the review again.

So, primarily, it should address only the current language.
Whether there should be some magic weighting, especially as the vocabulary grows, … possibly.

Best regards,

Thanks for your response :slightly_smiling_face: We’ve now noted your feature request. If more users request this feature, we’ll make it known to our Product team to take into consideration for future updates. For now, I can see that you have it set to only review 50 words a session. You can increase this to 100 words at Hope this helps!

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Thank you for the advice and for consideration. Note, though, that I have yet to see the app to actually use this number when there are NO items queued (little flag with a number in it). I always get five or six items only, certainly nowhere near fifty, and since I haven’t seen a way to force items into the queue, but have to wait for the daily magic to happen, that setting at 50 is rather ineffective.

Right now I’m having to use my own continuous flip mode … namely writing them down on actual flip cards (where I can also make notes of alternative forms or hints).

@clasp75 - On the app versions, the maximum setting for ‘classic’ review is actually 50. It’s 100 only on the web version. But you can do extra reviews, once you have cleared however many were showing as due for review under Memrise’s SRS, by just tapping on “Classic Review” and then do as many sets of 50 as you want to. If none are showing as due for review under SRS, just select the course you want to review, tap on the 9 yellow dots button and then select “classic review”. HTH

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Just to add a little to the discussion and RE whether or not other settings would make sense (it just doesn’t make any sense to have different settings in the apps and on the web, IMHO!):

When you do not have any words up for (SRS-) review and Memrise queries its database for the set of items to be tested, it seems to completely ignore the SRS-values and, instead, rather generates a randomised list of items. I’m not even sure as to whether words that were not previously answered correctly have a higher priority, but I very often see words twice in a row in two sessions.

That said, if you work through a 100w session the set of words is very likely completely different from 2 50w sessions.

@MemriseSupport do you care to share some insight on how you create/query a test-set?

Thank you for your time.

Again, when I …

  1. clear reviewing however many are showing
  2. use 9-dot button
  3. choose Classic review

… I do NOT get sets of 50, I get maybe five or six.

Yes, I noticed that in you OP. It’s not the behaviour I experience. On both iOS and Android, after I’ve cleared however many are showing as due for review, each time I tap on classic review I get a full set based on whatever is in my settings.

What’s happening to you is odd. You’ve probably tried unistalling and re-installing the app.

Maybe @MemriseSupport could take another look for you?

Confirmed. Issue persists after reinstallation.

moto g7 power

If the behaviour survives a new installation, try the following:

  • log off
  • close the app
  • clear the cache (in the Android app-settings for Memrise)
  • uninstall Memrise
  • reboot your device
  • install Memrise

This should clear out any data that might possibly influence things. Even though it really does sound odd that you shouldn’t get the set number of items …

Thanks for clarifying. I can confirm that our developers are looking into this issue - it will be fixed asap (internal code MA-8073).

Thanks for your patience.