Anyone way to contact a deck creator

I was using the Advanced Greek Vocabulary deck and the creator has hidden the deck so I have lost about 1000 words from my vocabulary. Is there a way to contact the creator? I looked for a feedback section on a course but didn’t see anyway to leave feedback.

You can try looking up her/his name here on the forum. If she/he has no account here, you can try to add Memrise staff (using @ + a staff member’s name, i.e, MemriseMatty, MemriseSupport) here, asking them to send a message to the course creator.

Thanks this person has an account here. How do you send private messages?

Click on the name then click the Message button. I’ve just tested this on my tablet, it might differ on desktops. LMK if you encounter any problems, I’ll check it on my desktop then.
FWIW, if you flag a user here by using @ plus the user name, the respective user should receive a notification, including a link to the posting.

Unfortunately I don’t see the message button. I tried on laptop and tablet. I wanted to send pm but if no I will do the @ sign. Probably because I’m new to the community it won’t let me send pms

If you post the user’s name, I could try to help. It’s just a matter of writing @greekaz (with the respective user name) really. Not sure why you can’t seem to be able to PM her/him.

Looks like greekaz has only recently joined the forum. You don’t get access to the PM facility until you have been around the forum long enough to qualify as a “Basic” user (see under “Badges”). Anyway, as you say, it’s not necessary to use PMs to contact a course creator about a routine request for an edit.


You could just tag the person here?

Hi @cocor I wanted to see if you could turn on or unhide your advanced Greek Vocabulary. I have done about 1000 words from the course and I can’t access them. Thanks

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ciao! I’ll be home in a couple of days, I’ll check what’s happening and let you know. Are you able to see my other courses? Or are they all missing?!?!? :face_with_head_bandage: :disappointed_relieved:

Thanks for responding. Seems like all your English -> Greek courses are missing.

Thanks, I learn something new everyday, even here on the forum! :slight_smile:

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Hi @cocor. Did you ever figure out what happened to your course? Hopefully, it’s not gone as I have learned 1000 words from it.

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hi, @greekaz sorry for my late reply. The translations kept coming these weeks + I had a hard time to understand what’s going on.
Unfortunately the course is lost forever. My intention was just to quit the course, but it seems I deleted it (along with all my others Greek-English courses) and apparently there is no way to have it back. Although I was not very happy with it (it had a number of mistakes), I’m very sorry for the damage I caused to other users.
That happened the moment Memrise decided to make the Decks change. I wanted to quit my “abandoned” courses and export to Anki only those I’m working on. I remember I was in a hurry (translations again), but the truth is I’m technologically-impaired and I failed…
I know there’s no way to make up for this stupid mistake, but please (at least try to) accept my apologizes.
If you speak Italian, try my Greek-Italian courses, which are far better and are still around :slight_smile:

Also, I want to ask what’s happening with the Decks site? I can’t edit properly my courses there. The edit function it’s a total joke! Any idea when Memrise will completely “cast out” the community created courses? I want to save them somehow if they don’t improve the edit thing in Decks.

I’ve put thousands of hours of work in those courses, I have a C2 exam (Greek) coming, I can’t edit in Decks, I am unable to understand how to export/save the courses to Anki and now I realize I made this stupid mistake and damaged others :cold_sweat:
The only thing I can say is sorry!

Hi @cocor,

It is still possible to edit your courses on the Decks site while we wait for them to fix the formatting bug that is described in this other forum topic:

The workaround that I have been using is either to use the “Edit Level” function or, if using “Edit Course”, to click on “Show/Hide” in the relevant Level header to ‘unsquish’ the Level details.

If the editing problem you are having is something else, come back.