Anyone looking for a song to help you learn the Spanish verb tense conjugations?

Here’s a short song I originally wrote for myself!
I decided to share it with you all!
This is actually a re uploaded and improved version!
I deleted the first upload because I had found a mistake.

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“This video does not exist.” :disappointed:

Oops! Sorry! I forgot to repost it after I deleted to fix some things
and reupload it! :sweat_smile: Here’s the improved version! Enjoy! Please let me know
what you think and pass it on if you know antone else learning spanish! :smiley:

Oh, I see! :smiley:

To be honest, I don’t think it’s memorable enough to help me much; the different parts sound a lot the same, and it is pretty dependent on the on-screen text, which doesn’t help if you’re trying to remember the conjugations and aren’t looking at the text. I don’t want to be critical, but you said “let me know what you think”, so…

However, if it helped you, then it’s worthwhile, and perhaps it will help somebody else. :slight_smile:

What a shame! Too bad it couldn’t help you! I was able to shift between
those tenses without thinking about It in a short amount of time thanks to
that song. Music works really well for me when learning, creating my own
personal song was great because I spent a lot if time making sure
everything was as correct as possible.

Also it helped that I had a little bit of prior knowledge and an
Argentinian friend to read over the lyrics and make corrections.

I understand we all learn differently and I realize that what may work for
me very well may not have as big of an impact on and work for everyone
else. So I don’t take offense to your criticism. You were just being

Good luck with your spanish studies!

Best advice I have is to get a really good spanish speaking friend who’s
willing to Skype with you a lot and practice the tenses with you!

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You just need to work on the mix a little bit. The main voice blends in too much with the music and should be a little louder so it’s easier to distinguish.

@Deedrio. Huh, I’m confused. :thinking: It says that it’s currently unavailable. I will try it on Youtube instead, but I just wanted to let you know if it was because, maybe, you took the video down?