Anyone learning Amharic?

Anyone out there learning Amharic? What are your goals? I hope to be fluent in two years.

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I know this reply is really late. But I’m just getting started. You still sticking with it? It will probably take me two years to be conversational.

I am! Any good resources?

I don’t have too much to give you as far as resources. Except two things.

One, I got this program that is not to bad but a little expensive from It is a little cheezy but does teach you some of the basics.

Second, a shameless plug for my first Memrise course: Let me know what you think! I’m going to publish a second one in the not too distance future (at least this year…). Thanks!

I see, is there an audio in your memrise course?

You know what’s crazy is that I was going to record audio, both male and female, for each word but I decided to give that up once I read that Memrise is giving less priority to the user-generated courses. Hopefully I’m not being salty but I just wanted to go ahead and publish the class and forgo the audio for now.

Well, since there’s no official course yet then every addition that you’ll make will put you at the same spot more or less.

What about a different platform?

Do you know of any other platform that allows for user generated courses like Memrise? If so please share I’ll check it out and get to work!

I’m still working at it! I doubt I’ll be fluent by next May, but I am hoping for a few weeks of immersion next summer to help me along. Finding resources is really tricky with such a rare language. I found this book ( which is very old and probably somewhat outdated with the changing of language to fit the times, but it seems to give a pretty good overview. That, Memrise, an Amharic Bible (a modern translation), and Wolf Leslau’s Concise Amharic Dictionary comprise my learning resources.


I know no amharic at all but I happened to use an FSI course to learn another language and found it very good. They had created an amharic course as well, with recordings:
I hope it will help.



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Hey guys, it took me a while to put this together (thanks @godseesaharvestworker for the resources, I bought a copy). But I made an introductory course of vocabulary words, with audio (from family members) and requires typing in Amharic. Soon, I hope to put up some sentence examples as a separate course. Please check it out and let me know what you think!

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They have an Ethiopian community where I live, so I’m learning a bit just to be able to read some text in ads posted on the street.
I’m thankful for the Colloquial Amharic Vocabulary course allowing me to type in English while I learn the alphabet, because it’s quite difficult to get into.
I also do a bit of the Amharic Abugida course
I find this helpful, because I’m bad at reading accent signs